Academy Update!

We are no longer taking applications for this year's academy. Stay tuned for updates and more opportunities. 

Are You Ready to Experience the Academy?

It's one thing to talk about manufacturing...

But what if you could LIVE it?

Explore a career where you do what you love while you work with your hands, solve problems, create solutions, and make a difference in today's world! If you have an interest in the trades, engineering, manufacturing, welding, machining, making things, building solutions, and "getting things done", this program may be for you. 

Our next Academy will take place

July 11 - 29, 2022. 

We are NOW ENROLLING incoming High School Juniors and Seniors. If you are going to be a Junior or Senior in the 2022-23 school year, and you live within the service areas of the locations of the PMA program, you are eligible for the program. Please read more. 

Meet Bryce

Bryce was part of our first Academy. He recently graduated from SCC's welding program and was just hired. The Academy created his interest in welding and started him off in a new career!  Watch Bryce share his story by clicking on the video.

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The Program

The Academy is a 3-week intensive program where students experience the full Production and Manufacturing environment. You're a part of a production team assigned to design, manufacture, promote, and sell a complete product line. We teach you about business, teams, leadership, product design, production demand, operations, management, and more during the Academy.


You and your team have product quotas to fill - and you compete with others to design, make, and sell them. You'll get the full experience of what it's like to be in business in manufacturing as a producer, manager, and contributor at different levels. In the end, you not only gain a perspective of what a career in manufacturing can do for you, but you also get 1 CTE credit (high school) and we pay you a stipend for your time and effort. Of course, t-shirts, freebies, food, fun, and friends.


Read more for the details!

What is the Academy?


The Academy is a collaboration of many employers, educators, and community partners committed to helping students gain opportunities to explore new career options. For those who are interested in launching a career in manufacturing, this can serve as a great preparatory step to get started. 

Learn more about our sponsors...or, please join us in sponsoring this program to grow our ability to reach students and offer a greater impact. Come 

Lathe Operators


What do we do at the Academy? It's a shorter answer if we list what we don't do when it comes to Manufacturing. Here are just a few of the things...

  • Product Design, Intro to Drafting

  • Product Prototyping & Modeling

  • Team-Based Competition

  • Intro to SolidWorks, 3D Printing Demos

  • Production Planning & Demand

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Intro to Welding 

  • Machining Basics

  • Product Construction & Production

  • Quality Control

  • Team Leadership

  • Internal Product Flow

  • Applied Materials Planning

  • Hands-On Equipment, Tools, Machines

  • Full Shop Production Environment

  • Field Trips to Local Manufacturers

  • Access to Special Scholarships


We are expanding the Academy to more locations!!!

We are always looking for ways to innovate. This year is no exception. In an effort to reach more students, we are running simultaneous academies in multiple locations. They will be part of the same Academy but run as satellite facilities (much like we use production plants with a headquarters location). The primary operations will be run from our main location in Spokane Valley and satellite operations will run in the locations identified below. Each location will run with its own operation out of the local shop, with instruction tapped into the Headquarters and centrally coordinated for production planning, projects, teams, field trips, sales, and activities. Students will work as teams at the local Academy overseen by instructors, and general instruction will be provided by experts in their field - which can be available to everyone. 

Spokane Valley

This will be the Headquarters. 

We will meet initially at Wagstaff and move to East Valley High School. Other locations will vary based on our field trips and production schedule. 





A satellite operation will be located at Newport High School. This facility can take up to 20 students for its Academy program. 


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