Academy Products 

Check out products from the 2022 Academy.  Although we are SOLD OUT, these are examples from the past year's Academy. 


All proceeds from sales go back to the schools. Sales are run through the high schools and used for costs associated with this program, CTE programs, and related materials to provide these and similar opportunities. 



NEWPORT - We will send an email to all individuals who still need to pick up products to coordinate a time to pick them up at Newport High School. 


SPOKANE - You can pick up your products between 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Wagstaff, Inc. at 3910 N. Flora Ave. in Spokane Valley.  

Chest 3.jpg

Heirloom Chest


Hand-crafted wooden storage chest.

37" x 21" x 22"

Never worry about finding a place to store that extra blanket, bedding, or Grandma's special quilt! This is that "special place" to place it all.

All metal hinges, brackets on the inside for support, and consistent staining inside and out for quality you depend on for years to come.  

Step 'n Sit Stool


Solid support, easy-to-use folding step-stool.

Need that step stool for the kids to reach the sink? Need to reach that one shelf that's always just a little too high? Here's a solution that is both practical and beautiful. Finished with an easy-to-clean sky blue finish, this step-stool will fit anywhere in the house and can be used by almost anyone. It's convenient, fits anywhere, is aesthetically pleasing, and looks great in any room. 

stool 3.jpg
stool 1.jpg
Hole in ONe 1.jpg

Hole in One


A perfect cross between corn-hole and marble toss!

This solidly built indoor/outdoor game is a classic that will bring together kids of all ages for all events! Built out of solid material, this game is built to last and given a finish that will last even if left outside on occasion. The game comes with balls, tees for scoring, and decorated holes for easy gameplay for all ages.  Camping, backyard, picnics, or indoor family don't want to be without this game in your arsenal of fun. 

Limited Edition Artisan Birdhouse


Uniquely styled birdhouse with easy door access, perch, and hooks for hanging.

Inspired by the classic birdhouse, but guided by the frivolities of a fun eclectic look, this birdhouse is made to attract anyone looking for a unique addition to their birdhouse collection. Whether you are looking for something on the front porch, the tree, or your kitchen, this unique design will bring a smile to your face as you see the series of "small things'" that went into the overall concept and build of this product. The birdhouse is always among our most popular products, so be sure to get yours while it's still available. 


Handcrafted Chessboard


High-quality handmade checkerboard made from cherry and maple coated with a high gloss finish.

The cherry and maple blend together beautifully to create a masterpiece in this 16" x 16" hardwood chessboard. The cherry wood bordered piece comes with a starter set of wooden checker pieces to play, but you will want to find and order your own set of complimentary chess pieces that meet the quality standards the Academy has set with this fine woodworking masterpiece. 

Portable Checkerboard


Handmade rustic gameboard with a high-quality finish that provides a memorable playing experience. 

You want to play checkers and other board games, but you also want to take it with you to your friends, on the road, to the picnic, or to other parties. Now you can do it all and amaze your friends with this high-quality product. Check out our hardwood checkerboard made of maple and cherry, cased in a wooden case to transport your pieces. We provide a starter set of wooden checkers. Feel free to add your own fun. 

CB Box 2.jpg

The Griz Box


A Rustic, custom engraved American-made decorative box.

Looking for that unique piece for your desk, shelf, or display to place your special items, awards, medals, or nic-nacks that has that rustic but finished look? We've got just what you are looking for! Check out our Griz Box (named for the Newport Grizzlies!). This 12.5" x 12.5" box comes custom finished with a form-fitting lid. 


All boxes come with a fine velvet in the bottom. Some of them come with a laser-etched Grizzly on the lid to create that special look and feel. At this price, they will go fast!

Charcuterie Cutting Board


Custom charcuterie board made with maple and cherry designed for your everyday cutting and serving needs. 

18"x11" (1" thick) with an extended handle on each end.

This beautifully crafted board is designed for both utility and aesthetics.  It's large enough to cut your meats, cheeses, and delights for guests and beautiful to arrange your food on the same surface to use as an eye-catching serving board. With alternating light and dark hardwoods, the beautiful woodsafe stain creates a glowing finish that will last for years.  

Standard Cutting Board                      $25.00

In a smaller size, this cutting board does its job, looks great, and fits conveniently in your standard drawer or sits on your counter as a conversation starter.

14"x11" (1" thick) with one handle at the top of the board for easy holding and carrying.