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Participants experience a 3-week academy that covers all aspects of production and manufacturing.  We deliver an intensive team-based opportunity that lets them understand the inner workings of the business, production, operations, sales, and more.

From start to finish, we cover it all. 


Explore Careers in Engineering, Welding, Machining, Design, and More!

When we think of manufacturing, we often only have one or two things come to mind - depending on our familiarity with the industry. From top to bottom, we have sales, raw materials, design, engineering, fabrication, quality, shipping, business support, management, business operations, and so much more. There are many similarities in production - and so many variations. 


What if you could have a chance to "try it out" to see if you like it?  

The Basics

  • 3-Week Program Exploring Manufacturing Careers

  •  1 High School Credit Offered (through East Valley High School)

  • Stipend for Full Completion

  • Participants Eligible to Apply for  Exclusive College Scholarships

  • Exclusive Tours of Manufacturing Facilities

  • Design, Create, Manufacture & Sell Your Product as a Team

  • See Every Step of the Process—Inside and Out!

  • Job Shadow with Engineers, Welders, Designers & More!

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Some of the Areas We Cover...

  • Product Development

  • Product Design & Basic Drafting

  • Shop Production

  • Intro to Engineering in Production

  • Production Planning

  • Demand Management

  • Quality Management

  • Customers - How to Find Them

  • Sales & Marketing Your Products


Your team will design, make, produce, & sell products from start to finish...all while learning how manufacturing is done in different environments. 

Other Perks

  • Special scholarships are available to participants.

  • Visit local manufacturers to see how they make and deliver products.

  • Introduction to Welding - What some call "the best day" of the Academy where we spend the day allowing participants to try out different types of welding. 

  • Intro to machining. (New this year!)

  • Hear from experts in their fields.

  • Sales events!!

  • Prizes for best teams (the outcome of manufacturing!!)

  • Free t-shirts, takeaways.

  • You don't pay for this...we pay you!


What Is The Academy?

The Project Leads

It takes a village, but here are the one's leading the pack with this year's program:

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Wade Larson



(707) 290-9121

Wade is the directing guide behind the Academy. He will serve as the CEO of the operations through the program. 


Casey Robison


Casey will be coordinating activities and events at the Spokane location. He works for Wagstaff in their Talent Development function and is a Mechanical Engineer by trade. 

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Cal Christen


Cal has spent years helping others understand manufacturing and the trades. He is a skilled teacher who has spent decades teaching machining at SCC and in one on one settings. 



Bill Close



Bill is the CTE instructor for wood shop and metal shop at East Valley High School. He has spent years helping students achieve success in CTE programs


Saraya Pierce

Elyce Tallman


As a Teacher for the School District, Elyce stepped in to work with students. But as an expert woodworker, having built a home and worked with wood since she was a kid, Elyce masterfully guided participants through the projects to succeed for the first 2 weeks. 

Rhonda Burnham


Rhonda's work as a Teacher for the district was a skill that helped her to coach and guide the participants during all 3 weeks of the Academy. This created the continuity that held all teams together to help them succeed and produce masterfully crafted works that will last for years to come.

Don Thomson